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Jewel of the Solar System: What Do I See When I Picture Saturn?

Jewel of the Solar System: What Do I See When I Picture Saturn?


In this activity, your youth:
• Create science journals called Saturn Discovery Logs, to chronicle their journey of discovery about Saturn and NASA's Cassini-Huygens mission.
• Draw and share what they picture when they hear "Saturn" and add labels and captions to their drawings.
• Closely observe pictures of Saturn, the Cassini spacecraft, and the Huygens Probe and write about what they notice. In teams, they also discuss and record what they wonder about. Practicing skills of careful observation, team discussion and development of questions prepares students to develop "habits of mind" of scientists or engineers. Their writing forms the basis for "claims" and "evidence" as projects and presentations are formulated.
• Make and Take: their own decorated Saturn Discovery Log.

Time/number of sessions: Two 40-minute sessions (longer when there are extended questions)

Activity type: Art and journaling

Space needed: Room with tables and chairs

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