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Impact!: An Asteroid's Journey to Earth

An Interactive Program for Educators

The content and format for Impact! were tested with 8th grade students and teachers to create experiences that directly address students’ questions, dispel misconceptions, and engage students in scientific investigation and analysis.

The DVD includes the following suite:

8-minute video
Entitled IMPACT! An Asteroid’s Journey to Earth, this is a continuous, non-interactive program that will play on any standard DVD player and TV monitor.

ImpactChallenge (size 600 MB)
This interactive program invites students to analyze scientific simulations developed to model collisions that might have occurred early in the formation of the solar system.  Students can vary  parameters such as speed, spin, and angle of impact and then examine and interpret the outcomes.

MuseumVideo (size 1.8 GB)
This program features an interactive version of the 8-minute IMPACT! video. Teachers or students may select from several questions and then view video segments that explore the answers. This program also contains a shorter version of the interactive exercise described above in ImpactChallenge.

Cost: $10 (including shipping within the U.S.) while supplies last.
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Information and Ordering
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System Requirements
Display: 1040x786 or higher.
Hard disk space: 8GB (approximately) needed for file copying and extraction if all content is copied.
MacOS (10.4 or above) OR Windows XP
System memory (RAM): 1.5 GB or greater
Apple Quicktime should be installed on your computer; if you need to download a free version of Quicktime software, go to