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Jewel of the Solar System: Celebrating Saturn and Cassini

Jewel of the Solar System: Celebrating Saturn and Cassini


In this activity, your youth:
• Design a culminating "celebration" display and event, based on their Saturn Discovery Logs full of notes and observations and on products produced from their working knowledge of Saturn and Cassini. They have sketches of spacecraft and probes, models, and test results.
• Can invite their parents or classmates in for an event to view the displays and hear them talk about their work and their discoveries.
• Will show an assessment of both their personal and knowledge growth from this unit through the way they choose to share their presentations and through the products themselves.

Time/number of sessions: One or more 40-minute sessions, plus time for parent/school/community event

Activity type: Art and communication

Space needed: Room with tables and chairs to create the displays; open space for display and presentations

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