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Jewel of the Solar System: Where Are We in the Solar System?

Jewel of the Solar System: Where Are We in the Solar System?


During this activity, your youth:
• Experience the vastness of the solar system and the size differences among the Sun, our home planet
Earth, and this unit's theme - Saturn.
• Walk a playground or other large area to create a scale model for size and distance in our solar system. A
variation for an indoor model is included.
• Participate in the creation of an orbital ("radial") scale model of the solar system.
• Compare their early thoughts about the solar system to their new experience and questions once they
have participated in the scale and distance exercises.
• Reflect on what it would be like to travel to Saturn.

Time/number of sessions:
Session 1: 30 minutes
Sessions 2 and 3: 40 minutes each

Activity type: Kinesthetic and art

Space needed:
Sessions 1 and 3: Classroom, cafeteria or other space with
tables, chairs and extra floor space
Session 2: School campus (that can accommodate at least 247 yard-long
walking paces)

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