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Jewel of the Solar System: Discovering Saturn, the Real 'Lord of the Rings'

Jewel of the Solar System: Discovering Saturn, the Real 'Lord of the Rings'


We have arrived at Saturn in our imaginary journey with NASA's Cassini-Huygens spacecraft! By now, it is intended that students' curiosity about Saturn is piqued and they are eager to learn more about the special features of Saturn -- its rings and moons -- and the planet itself.

In this activity, your youth:
• Take a firmer grasp on their role as scientists and engineers as they are introduced to the value of research into past discoveries.
• Research four mini-books about Saturn, pull out interesting information to share and look for answers to a matching game they will play.
• Share their findings and work in teams to win the game.
• Make posters to share the most important findings from the books, and record their new knowledge on the "Notice/Know/Wonder" charts they created in an earlier activity.
• Reinforce new knowledge by observing, measuring and drawing scale models of Saturn and its moon Titan, compared to Earth and its moon.

Time/number of sessions: Four 40-minute sessions

Activity type: Reading, journaling, group discussion and sharing, art/drawing and gaming

Space needed: Room with tables and chairs

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