e-Training Modules

GLOBE offers three online supplemental modules for teachers and one online module for scientists.

These modules can be used as:

  • A review for current GLOBE teachers

  • Additional training material for GLOBE trainers to use before, during, or after GLOBE trainings

  • An introduction to GLOBE for Scientists

Accessing the Modules

You can access the modules by clicking on the tab, "Modules." All modules can be viewed online or on a tablet. If you are downloading the modules to an ipad or other tablet, you will first need to download the Storyline Articulate App (click here to download app).

Supplemental Materials

As you complete the modules, you will have opportunities to access GLOBE science and educational materials and various NASA resources. Some of these materials include:

Cloud Cover estimation estimating cloud cover takes lots of practice and cooperation. This is an interesting activity to help your students hone their estimating skills.

Cloud Watch even if your students don't know the names of all of the clouds in the sky, it can be fascinating to see how clouds change over time and monitor the weather patterns associated with different types of clouds. Your students can use the Cloud Chart (available below) to help differentiate some of the cloud types.

Don't know clouds? Here are some great tools to begin to determine cloud type differences: