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Unit Lessons

Each Unit Plan provides an implementation guide including at least three lessons, related activities, and resources (called out below each unit). The Unit Plans provide students a more-in depth opportunity for learning to access and use authentic satellite data.

ID MY NASA DATA Unit Lesson Plans Grade Level Reviewed By
46 Scientist Tracking Network Unit (Word Document) 8-9 ESE
46 Scientist Tracking Network Lesson Plan 8-9 ESE
46 Convection Activity (Word Document) 8-9 ESE
46 Heating of Earth Materials Activity (Word Document) 8-9 ESE

47 Using Remote Sensing to Monitor the Environment Unit (Word Document) 6-12 MND Team
22 Sea Surface Temperature Trends of the Gulf Stream Lesson Plan 6-12 ESE
23 Coral Bleaching in the Caribbean Lesson Plan 6-12 ESE
21 Surface Air Temperature Trends of the Caribbean Lesson Plan 6-12 ESE
24 Tropical Atlantic Aerosols Lesson Plan 6-12 ESE
48 Geographical Investigations with MY NASA DATA 9-12 MND Team
48 Who Owns the Air? Does Air Pollution Respect Political Boundaries?
(Word Document)
9-12 MND Team
48 Need AC? Is the Temperature Warming in Bangor? (Word Document) 9-12 MND Team
48 Where are Atmospheric Aerosols? Why There? (Word Document) 9-12 MND Team

49 Using Atmospheric Data Sets in the Classroom: Investigating Ozone, Aerosols, and Clouds (Word Document) 5-8 MND Team
49 Ozone: Does it Affect Me? (Word Document) 5-8 MND Team
49 Ozone and Aerosol Data Collection for 2 Geographic Locations in North
America (Word Document)
5-8 MND Team
49 Cloud Coverage and Cloud Type for Metropolitan and Rural Geographic
Areas of North America (Word Document)
5-8 MND Team