Tools & Training

The Web Archiving Service contains complete context-sensitive help screens for curators who are logged in. The following guides and training materials are available for anyone to review.

WebCast WAS Demos

Create and Capture Sites WAS Demo CREATE AND CAPTURE SITES
Length: 10 min.
This video shows the basics of capturing a web site with WAS, including an overview of the different capture settings you can use to tailor your capture. Also covered: the WAS Browser Button feature for adding sites to WAS while you browse, how to tell the status of captures in progress, and how to stop captures.
Length: 10 min.
After you capture a site with WAS, you'll be able to review capture statistics, and search and display the results. This video shows you the tools WAS provides for evaluating capture results including the ability to compare captures of the same site on different dates. The video also covers the RSS feed feature and shows how captured multimedia content displays in the archive.
Tips: Evaluating Sites for Capture TIPS: EVALUATING SITES FOR CAPTURE
Length: 25 min.
This video uses three different examples to show how to evaluate your web sites for capture. While most sites can be captured easily, some are designed in ways that are tricky for crawlers to capture. Topics covered: targeting directories within a larger site, ideal settings to use for blogs, choosing the right entry point for blogs, how to tell if your capture has been influenced by content owner restrictions (robots.txt files), and tips for managing your storage in WAS.

Web Archiving Service Guides & Forms

WAS User Guide
A complete overview of how to use the Web Archiving Service to capture web sites.
WAS Institution Administrator Guide
Information for administrative users of WAS, including an overview of the tools and reports for managing your organization's web archives.
WAS Project Administrator Guide
Information for WAS curators with project administrator permissions. Includes details on how to invite new users to your project and how to configure your project for public access.
WAS Rights Management Practices
This guide provides an overview of the Section 108 Recommendations for web archiving, which CDL will use as a guideline for establishing rights management features for WAS. It provides an "at-a-glance" review of the rights management issues you'll need to consider, and outlines the forthcoming rights management features in WAS.
WAS Collection Planning Guidelines
Outlines the issues to consider as you prepare to build a new web archive. This document is intended to help each institution plan its web archiving activity.
WAS Collection Plan Forms
These forms are avaialble to help you prepare your collection plans.

Tools for the Web Archivist

IIPC Web Curators Discussion List
The Web Curators mailing list is an international forum for librarians and archivists involved in building web archives. Participants are using a variety of tools and are building a range of different archives. The discussion list covers topics common to all, such as rights management issues and selection guidelines.
Alexa Search Engine
Rather than just linking you to web sites, Alexa search results also provide a link to "Site info". The information provided there can help you evaluate the site you're considering for capture. It provides information about the site owner, traffic statistics, figures for how many other sites link to it, and provides information about related sites.

We strongly recommend that you have JavaScript enabled in your browser while using WAS.

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